Reseller Program Overview:

MLMLeadSpecialist offers resellers unmatched service and unparalleled advantages:

  1. We offer resellers up to 70% discount as compared to retail prices. We believe that the wholesale prices we offer to our resellers cannot be matched by any of our competitors.
  2. We ensure that your client’s custom order goes live instantly upon order placement. Our easy to use automated lead ordering platform ensures that your campaigns are fulfilled quickly and as per your custom requirements.
  3. MLMLeadSpecialist’s amazing software offers you the ability to control daily lead flow, pause and restart an order and gives you the ability to auto renew some or all of your orders.
  4. Our lead platform lets you set up an autoresponder message in real-time at the time of order placement.
  5. We offer an unbranded statistics page ( a unique login for each order. This enables each of your clients to view and retrieve their leads (for a small fee we can create a customized statistics page just for you) without knowing that MLMLeadSpecialist is your lead supplier.

If you wish to resell our leads and have monthly sales exceeding $2500 please contact us by phone at 1-866-647-1113 and speak to a sales agent or email us at