Surveyed Leads

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At MLMLeadSpecialist we offer qualified Surveyed Leads which offer a better return on investment than most premium leads offered by our competitors.

Our Strictly Adhered Survey Process:

1.) A prospect visits our landing page and completes a form expressing interest in starting a home based business. This form qualifies the prospect's desire to start a home business, his/her ability to devote sufficient time (at least 10 hrs a week to be qualified as a lead) and monetary resources (at least $400 to be qualified as a lead).

2.) The prospect's complete information is sent to your online contact manager.

Information available on each prospect: Full Name, Email, St. Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Date Stamp, IP, Gender, Prospect's Ability to set aside the minimum required time to start a Home Business (at least 10 hours a week), Prospect's Ability to invest the minimum required amount to start a home business (at least $400)

You may choose to filter and receive prospect lists based on their gender and area code.