RealTime Double Optin Leads

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At MLMLeadSpecialist we offer the best and the most qualified RealTime Double Optin Leads in the industry. Unlike our competitors we actually verify that a prospect is interested in starting a home business. This is a costly but proven method to generate more qualified and reliable work from home leads.

Our Strictly Adhered Optin Process:

  1. A prospect visits our qualifying landing page and completes a form expressing interest in starting a home based business.

  2. The prospect's interest is verified a second time on the landing page or by email or by phone. If the prospect answers in affirmative to the question "You have expressed an interest in starting a Home Based Business. Is that correct?" then the prospect is instantly qualified as Double Optin Lead.

  3. Once the prospect is qualified as a Double Optin Lead, the prospect's complete information is sent to your online contact manager in realtime. You will also receive an email in realtime notifying you of the prospect's desire to be contacted! You can also choose to receive a Text (SMS) alert when a lead is loaded to your contact manager.

  4. If you have setup your FREE autoresponder message your prospect will be instantly emailed your customized message.

During the signup process the prospect is qualified for a minimum investment of $400.

Information available on each prospect: Full Name, Email, St. Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Date Stamp & IP. You may choose to filter and receive prospect lists based on their area code.