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MLMLeadSpecialist’s revolutionary Contextual Prospects service enables our customers to direct prospects interested in Home Business (MLM) to their landing page, presentation page or sales page.

What are Contextual Prospects?

A contextual prospect is a prospect that is actively searching for a product/service and is a self motivated prospect. Our research suggests that Contextual Prospects tend to have leadership qualities, self motivation and the hunger to succeed. These prospects typically turn out being your biggest downline builders!

How do you generate contextual prospects?

A person searching for a Home Based Business Opportunity on a website which lists the top work at home opportunities is shown our advertisement (this advertisement will display your website address). If the prospect clicks on our advertisement, he/she is sent to your website as a clickthrough/redirect and you may then present the prospect your opportunity. Keep in mind when we redirect a prospect to your website we do not collect any personal information from the prospect and that is why it is recommended that you have some sort of a small contact form or your contact information on your website.

Example Contextual Advertisement:

Will Contextual Prospects service work for me?

Results vary and we cannot guarantee success. That said contextual prospects typically work when there is a call to action to the prospects visiting your website. The call to action could entail a call to purchase, a call to request additional information or even a call to view videos and then contact you etc.


  1. You should have your contact information on your website.
  2. You should have a form on your website where a prospect can leave a note for you along with their contact information.
  3. It is preferable to have the complete signup/enrolment process on your website. Many Herbalife (decision pack), ACN, Lightyear wireless, Xango etc. customers have seen amazing success at generating auto-enrolment directly from their website without ever speaking to a prospect.