MLMLeadSpecialist FAQs

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Q. How does MLMLeadSpecialist generate leads?
Q. How fast are orders processed?
Q. How does MLMLeadSpecialist deliver leads?
Q. What are the advantages of your online ordering system?
Q. Does MLMLeadSpecialist offer a 100% money back guarantee?
Q. Why does my CC statement show a payment to "GenerationX Solutions Canada"       or "HomeBusinessLeadCenter"?
Q. Do you accept payment in US dollars?
Q. What is your replacement policy?
Q. Why do my Prospects say "they have never received a call from       MLMLeadSpecialist"?
Q. How old are your Bulk Email Leads?
Q. How does my Affiliate ID work?
Q. How do I turn the auto-renew feature on and off?
Q. How do I know if I am receiving the proper powerbuyer overage on my order?
Q. How do I pause my orders?
Q. Why do the phone interviewed leads say they have been called multiple times?
Q. How does your auto-responder system work?
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